Auditory Verbal Therapy


Auditory Verbal Therapy is, very simply put, a way of teaching a hearing impaired child to speak!

So, is it new, how is it different, how do you, as a parent, go about it?

Sadhya Educational Trust addresses parents who have such and many more questions.

What is the Auditory-Verbal Approach?

It is a set of principles

which guide a parent to use her child’s residual hearing amplified with hearing aids

or electrically stimulated hearing with cochlear implants,

so as to help her child to listen, process spoken language, and thereby speak.

This approach also assumes that a hearing impaired child’s brain goes through exactly the same steps to acquire spoken language as a hearing child’s brain. So, the earlier the hearing impairment is identified and hearing aids fitted, the better.

Also, after the child starts to wear hearing aids, training on listening needs to be given without which language and speech will NOT develop. Auditory verbal therapy is a set of techniques that a parent follows to enable her child to pick up spoken language.

In case the hearing loss of the child is too severe or profound or the progress of the child is not satisfactory, the option of early cochlear implantation should be explored.

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